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A lot has changed here at FILMS ON TAP and continues to change for the better. Forcing this show in its podcast form to be done remotely has given us the opportunity to expand into a live show, broadcasting on a new channel, and reach many more listeners, and now viewers! GOVSRADIO.COM has provided us a platform to continue our show in a new and exciting way, bringing our brand of humor and love for films, TV, and entertainment as a weekly-broadcast web show.

Since settling into our new home at Gov’s, we’ve had such guests as comedians Rich Reda, Jeff Bosy, Nigel Fullerton, and has added Carla Oakerson as a host to the show. As we continue to evolve to make this show exactly what we want it to be, we’re excited to jump in and bring you the best content we can. Check us out on YouTube at the GovsRadio channel and follow us on Facebook as well for updates to all of our upcoming shows