[Ed.’s Note: Darren Aronofsky’s MOTHER! is not for everyone — and that statement cannot be explained, in any detail, without spoiling the movie. The trailers have been purposefully vague; both by design and practicality.]

MOTHER! will end up being the most divisive movie of this year and, possibly, the next handful of years. It’s not an enjoyable film to watch (in the sense of fun, mindless entertainment), and it most certainly isn’t a ‘scary house & creepy people’-type movie, either. In the interest of not ruining the experience for anyone, this will be more of a reaction than a review… but I will stress the importance of seeing it as soon as possible.

Because people are going to spoil this one on purpose.

Let’s start from the top: While arguments will be had regarding the overall movie, there is little room to discredit anything concerning Jennifer Lawrence’s performance. For all the grumbling following her Oscar nominations for both AMERICAN HUSTLE and JOY, Lawrence is magnificent in this film — and the only reason why she may not receive proper acknowledgement is because of the inevitable backlash MOTHER! will receive. Make no mistake: It is HER movie, and from the opening scene.

It almost seems wrong to not discuss Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer, but to do so would take us to a place that this reaction isn’t willing to go. As for Darren Aronofsky, MOTHER! is as brave as it is a fevered dream born from insanity. By now, the director is used to hearing the word ‘polarizing’, but, hopefully, he continues to find comfort in that praise. Love it or not (and I can’t argue against either stance), you are not going to see anything like MOTHER! anytime soon.

Initial Reaction: Three and a Half out of Five Beers

90-Minutes Later: Four Beers

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