Random Sick Day Thoughts

I woke up about ten hours ago feeling like shit — and, amazingly, that feeling has remained both consistent and aggravating. Every muscle in my body aches (even though I only have, like, two), and I just want to crawl under my bed and die.

Right after somebody delivers a large pepperoni pizza.

Anyway, there are a few thoughts running around my stuffed-up head that I would like to share with you:

Your problem with POWER RANGERS

I hate how everything today needs to be a remake, or a reboot, of something I enjoyed watching 20-30 years ago. It’s lazy, it shows a decided lack of creativity, and it’s simply unoriginal. Like, what the fuck are we going to be watching 15 years from now?

So, yes, I get the eye-rolling when someone starts talking about the new POWER RANGERS movie. On paper, it’s a ‘gritty’ joke that sounds like a dare to see just how much shit moviegoers are willing to eat… but, surprisingly, it is a FUN movie!

Is it a great movie? Not entirely (the third act is tonally uneven) — but it is a well-acted and enjoyable popcorn flick. The interesting thing is that people who have watched it tend to agree with me. And, then, there are those who are quick to rip it apart, sight unseen.

Look, a movie based on the Powers Rangers is not a sacred cow to me (I really wasn’t a fan of the original TV show), and any undeserved backlash against it really isn’t that important to me. What does concern me, however, is how easy it is for us to form strong opinions even when there is a lack of actual knowledge present.


I recently discovered this show (Thank you, Mom), and it is amazing how it was able to fly under most radars since it debuted on Netflix in 2015. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star as two women who suddenly find themselves on the road to divorce when their husbands (Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston) come out of the closet and announce their plans to be together. Considering all of the attention Netflix has received the past few years, it is stunning that GRACE AND FRANKIE is not a hell of a lot more popular.

Except, of course, that is stars two women who are both approaching their 80th birthday.

As well as two women who are both exceptionally talented.

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle

So, you guys did a 90-minute set TOGETHER in New Orleans, huh?

DO THAT SHIT, AGAIN! And record it.

Me, Currently

I planned on writing a bit more, but I feel like absolute shit. The FILMS ON TAP PODCAST crew will be getting back in front of our mics (hopefully) on Wednesday night, and we have a great deal to talk about.

It’s been awhile, and we miss talking to you.

Take care.

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