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I didn’t want to write this, and I’m sure many more don’t even want to read it. However, you’ve had your say (via some uncomfortably thoughtless actions), so, I will have mine now.

Please make no mistake: The push against quarantine and taking precautions was never fueled solely by conspiracy theories, hypocritically ‘Fake News’, or a false sense of either security or patriotism; and, no, it has nothing to do with any true violation of personal rights. The main issue — the real issue — is that of entitlement. People simply don’t want to be told what they can and can’t do (regardless of whether it’s in their best interest).

With Memorial Day right around the corner, I wasn’t surprised to hear that a handful of bars in my hometown were open last night. A lot of local businesses have been operating illegally this past month, and many of my own friends have foolishly shared evidence of their own poor decisions — going all the way back to late-March. Even though Long Island isn’t scheduled to begin ‘Phase One’ of opening until next week, screenshots of a few Patchogue locations quickly spread across social media late last night and this morning. And that’s when the latest round of ridiculous Internet bickering began.

We are a bunch of idiots who somehow managed to politicize a PANDEMIC (in the same way we always need to take sides regarding rape accusations and police brutality) — and, now, we are all yelling at each other over just how essential it is for ‘Almost 20’ Becky to sneak in and get her sloppy, White Clawed muff diddled in a piss-stained stall at Dublin Deck.

[Excuse the language, but, seriously, in the middle of a fucking pandemic, is it really that important to pay a $20 cover in order to score some blow that’s 80% Fentanyl? FOH.]

Yes, we DO need to open up sooner than later, but, NO, we do not have to go about it as if we are some inbred ‘Hey, is that Live PD?’ hicks who think Jacksonville is a luxurious vacation destination. The complete lack of clarity behind all of the mental gymnastics needed to explain why masks and social distancing haven’t saved our collective asses would almost be something to laugh at if that same insane level of stupidity wasn’t putting all of us at risk.

Long Island is going to legally begin opening up soon (probably as early as Wednesday), and we are clearly not prepared to do so. Forget about testing and precautions: We are going to have to figure a way out of this mess with every exit blocked by Great White-loving entitled buttfucks who truly believe that wearing masks is an affront to their freedom. It’s a sad, pathetic joke… but this is where we are now. 

Tragically, in 2020, this is not a time of discussion, empathy, or rational thought — this is an era of overgrown children and their shameless entitlement. This is now a time where a distrust of science and the belief in knowingly biased misinformation has become our newest cult religion. And you can no longer trust people, your neighbors, or friends to simply do the right thing.

Common sense is no longer common.