Allow me to re-introduce myself…

This is not going to be just about movies.

Honestly, these posts will be about whatever is on my mind (movies, current events, my own personal shit, etc.) whenever I get an opportunity to sit down and share my thoughts. Because of that, most of my entries will fall under the following disclaimer:

[WARNING: A MOMENT OF CLARITY, written by Kevin K. Scott, is filled with unnecessary vulgar language, and is not intended to represent the thoughts, views, and/or opinions of THE FILMS ON TAP PODCAST — although, it should.]

For those of you who are new to my particular brand of madness, I believe in being as open and truthful as possible. The main objective here, of course, is to be entertaining, but I am just as interested in making a real connection with you, the reader. As much as I love cute kitty cat videos and cave docking clips, I think there are even better ways to use the Internet before it finally gets shut down.

Nothing will be considered ‘untouchable’ here. There will be times when I fully expect many of you to disagree with my point of view… and that’s okay. Healthy dialogue and a break of the ‘hive mind mentality’ will always be welcomed here.

If you decide to read this regularly, you are going to get to know me rather well because I tend to overshare (with a purpose). I have made countless mistakes in my life, and I think it would be rather selfish (and borderline narcissistic) to not share the lessons I’m still struggling to learn. Also, writing this blog will be a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy; and I can barely afford fine 7-Eleven coffee at the moment.

I’ll post announcements on the various FILMS ON TAP PODCAST social media accounts whenever I have a standalone article or review to share, but consider this blog to be a ‘running commentary’ that will be updated at random. I want to provide you with a decent amount of content without feeling the need to force out any bullshit simply to meet a deadline.

Also, no dick pics, please.

Thank you, and welcome to A MOMENT OF CLARITY!

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