All I need.

May 8, 2019 Kevin Scott 0

The crumpled pieces of paper. The hours spent writing and rewriting. The run-throughs in the shower each morning. The self-doubt that lingers throughout the entire […]

A New Hope

February 20, 2019 Kevin Scott 0

Going back fifteen years, or so, and my obsession was most definitely professional wrestling. I first became a fan in my grandparents’ living room in […]

Best Picture Thoughts

January 23, 2019 Kevin Scott 0

The choices were safe (no SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, HEREDITARY, or FIRST REFORMED), completely expected (many of the Oscar categories saw similar selections), and relatively […]


November 20, 2018 Kevin Scott 0

Widely considered to be one of the funniest movies of all-time, Mel Brooks’ BLAZING SADDLES (1974) is an over-the-top, fourth wall-shattering romp that fully owns […]

An Unpopular Opinion

July 24, 2018 Kevin Scott 0

We are living in a bizarre timeline when school-shooting survivors attempting to hold elected officials accountable are ridiculed and dismissed as being “crisis actors.” This […]