About Us

In the beginning, there was a podcast…

August 16th, 2016 – Chris , Kevin, Jim, and Tim began recording episodes for VOLUME 2 of the long running podcast known as The Film Basement. What began as a continuation of the show quickly evolved (or devolved, depending on how you look at it) into a different feel between these four friends and the entertainment they brought to each episode. Seventeen episodes into the series, the crew decided to part ways with LAST GEN PODCAST’S The Film Basement and call it The Films On Tap Podcast.

Venturing out on their own…

December 10th, 2016 – The Film On Tap Podcast is a no-holds-barred brand of humor movie review and comedy show combining the cast’s love for film and beer. While trying to catch and critique the latest movie releases throughout the year, these four guys also comment on hot topics in the entertainment industry, politics, pop culture, life experiences, or anything that interests this diverse group of maniacs.

Based on Long Island, New York, the crew of Films on Tap live in the heart of a booming craft beer industry region of the country and differ in their tastes for film and beer. They give their listeners a variety of opinions in all their discussions that are fun and entertaining, all while maintaining a level of content that would easily offend anyone’s mother.


In the midst of COVID and personal lives we took a hiatus from recording as much of the entertainment industry went on hold for most of 2020. During which time, changes have been made, and absolutely for the better. We have teamed up with GOVSRADIO.COM to broadcast our show LIVE on Friday Nights as of January 2021, and brought Carla Oakerson into the fray as this new chapter of Films On Tap takes off into the future.